Don’t Settle For Less Than A Love Like This

Don’t Settle For Less Than A Love Like This

When reality doesn’t match up to our expectations, it’s all too easy to give up on that life-changing love we used to idealize. It’s too easy to dull the pain of heartbreak by telling ourselves that the vibrant, fiery, ardent love we see in movies simply doesn’t exist.

When we give up on the kind of love that makes life worth living, we close ourselves off to the possibility of experiencing awe-inspiring beauty. It may be hard to find, that’s true—but it’s worth it to hold onto hope, because once you discover it, life will explode into colour.

The love that’s worth waiting for amplifies everything you feel by orders of magnitude. The air you breathe is sweeter when that person is around, and their presence calms your mind and warms your soul. Your love fills you with a scorching passion so strong that you forget everything else, even if only for a little while at a time. They bring joy wherever they go, with whatever they say, and they can heal you when you need healing.

Wait for the person who makes you feel like you’re living in a work of art. Wait until you’re certain you’re about to wake up from what must be a beautiful dream. Wait until your guard comes crashing down and you’re not afraid anymore, because that person will never stop loving you. They’ll always be there to catch you when you fall, and they’ll never turn your back on you when you need them.

Wait until you find someone who never fails to make you smile. Let someone into your heart so deeply that they’ll know perfectly how to raise you up in your darkest hour. There’s no better feeling than that perfectly comfortable, safe feeling that you have with the person you trust most—everything else might fade, but they never will.

Nothing is permanent; everything flows toward an end, and disappears in time. Love is as ephemeral as we are on this earth. But it’s one of—if not the—most amazing things that humans can experience, and we would be foolish not to try to experience it in its purest form. Some people, often those who’ve been hurt, close themselves off to these wonderful feelings. Maybe they’ve searched for so long that now they believe true love doesn’t exist, or maybe they’re simply unwilling to face their own pain. It’s not worth giving up. Getting hurt is inevitable in this short life if one wants to reap the rewards that come with taking risks. Love can take many forms—it can be a leap into the unknown or a familiar hand reaching out to guide you through the dark. Don’t close yourself off to it, because sometimes you only get one chance.

Lastly, never shrug and say “good enough.” It’s only “good enough” if it blows you away, if it shows you why life is worth living. Surround yourself with people and situations which make you really, truly happy—and you’ll live the best version of your life.

Don’t settle for less. You deserve more.