It Gets Better: True or False?

It Gets Better: True or False?

Everyone goes through tough times in their lives. Thus, most people have probably been told that it gets better.

Is that really true? Personally, I’ve had times in my life when I’ve vehemently rejected the sentiment. Sadness can cloud your vision and convince you that you’re stuck where you are.  It’s certainly happened to me, and it’s likely happened to you too.

Despite widespread instances of despairing people rejecting the idea that it gets better, it’s still an easy thing to say when comforting someone. It’s something we can lean on, a thought that’s been around for longer than we can remember. It must be tried and true, or else, why would everyone keep saying it?

Here’s where I must admit that while I once denied that my life would get better, it did.

I battled with mental illness—depression and severe social anxiety—for a long time. There was a time when I felt hopeless, like there was no chance for me. I forgot what happiness felt like, and I thought I would never feel it again.

But I did. It took some work, some effort, and a little time, but I eventually regained happiness. It felt amazing.

I became a proponent of “it gets better,” because I experienced it. Just when I completely lost hope, things changed.

However, that brings us to the present. Life is a rollercoaster, as they say. For two years, I’ve been at the peak—the high point of the ride, right before the inevitable drop. What goes up must come down—that’s another cliché for you. Now, after two wonderful years, things are changing. It’s painful, and much scarier than I anticipated. Read my post on dealing with change to learn more about how I try to embrace it, even though it’s difficult.

I’ve come to a point where I have to remind myself that it gets better. Because of my prior experience with that deep, awful hopelessness, I know that the cliché is true. But when you’re in pain, it’s easy to throw logic (and whatever positivity you have in your life) to the wind, because that pain wants to consume you.

If you’ve ever come through a difficult time in your life, don’t let yourself forget that. One day, either you or someone you love will need the reassurance that it’s possible to make it through.

I’m writing this because I want whoever’s reading to know that it really does get better, but I’m also writing this because I want to remind myself of that. In dark times, we all need something to hold onto. There are loved ones to lean on, a world to enjoy, and the knowledge that the pain won’t last forever.

Life goes on, no matter what. Don’t forget that.

7 thoughts on “It Gets Better: True or False?

  1. Girl, I love this post! So glad you’ve joined BloggerBabes so we can all see how talented a writer you are! So true in every word! I hope your recovery from mental health is going well! Lots of love, Kate x

  2. This came at perfect timing. I can relate so so much with your words. I’ve been sooo happy for the last year and a half, but lately some things happened and I feel like I’m drowning, and I really don’t want to. I have to constatly remind myself that it’s going to be just ok, like it always does.
    Thanks so much for the reminder! love your post 🙂
    ps: i hope you’re better very soon

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