10 Easy Ways to Show Love

10 Easy Ways to Show Love

Love is life’s most beautiful and amazing mystery. It paves paths to indescribable euphoria, heartbreak, and everything in between. Many relationships begin passionately—finding ways to show love is easy, because you’re caught up in a whirl of poignant emotion and fiery romance. As true love grows, so does comfort—and thus lifelong partnerships are born. It’s a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, as two people become increasingly comfortable around one another and as they settle into their relationships, the romance of the “honeymoon phase” often falls by the wayside. Some, especially those who have trouble finding ways to show love in the first place, forget to remind their significant others why they care.

Romance doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Relationships benefit from a little extra effort to make each other feel loved, no matter how long you’ve been together. Romantic gestures don’t need to be grandiose, or even cost you anything. Here are a few simple (and slightly cliché) ways to show love to someone—use them to rekindle the spark, or let them inspire you to create your own ideas.


1. Get outside.

A simple walk outdoors can help to distance you from your busy schedules and bring you closer together. If you have a park nearby, take a leisurely stroll and enjoy nature’s calming effects. Hold their hand, and appreciate the fresh air.


2. Have a candlelit dinner.

If you can’t cook, that’s okay—the actual meal doesn’t need to be anything special! Sit down with some wine and have a real, substantial conversation where you give your significant other your undivided attention. Add a candle for ambience and even a microwaved meal (or good takeout!) becomes romantic.


3. Harness the power of the written word.

Surprise them with random heartfelt notes. Hand them a letter in a sealed envelope, or write on Post-Its and leave them around the house. Handwritten letters and notes are rare nowadays, and that makes them all the more valuable. Plus, they can be saved for years to come.


4. Express yourself through music.

Create a playlist full of love songs and play it while you have free time together. Tell your significant other about how the songs remind you of them. Take their hand and dance, if it feels right.


5. Bring them flowers.

Classic? Yes. Overdone? Maybe. Sweet? Absolutely. Pick out an arrangement from a local florist if you can, or pick flowers yourself and make a homemade bouquet if you’re on a budget.


6. Offer them a massage.

Most people love a good massage, especially from their significant other. Get comfortable, listen to them talk about their day, and help them unwind. If they offer to reciprocate, say no—let them off the hook for the night, and they’re guaranteed to feel relaxed and appreciated.


7. Watch their favourite movie and cuddle.

If you two have vastly different tastes in movies, your significant other will certainly be excited if you agree to snuggle down and enjoy whatever film they choose. After all, it’s not about which movie you watch—it’s about enjoying it together. Sip good wine and microwave some popcorn, too.


8. Take them stargazing.

Lay down a blanket in your backyard or at a nearby park and look for shooting stars. The natural world’s beauty has a way of making people feel extra connected, and who better to share it with than your love?


9. Take a tedious task off their plate.

Is there a household chore or a mundane errand that your partner complains about having to do? Do it for them. For one thing, they’ll know that you’re listening—and of course, they’ll be thrilled about any unexpected free time.


10. Give them a long hug and a sweet kiss.

Hug them for longer than usual. Hold them tightly. Kiss their forehead or their cheek, and whisper that you love them.


Those are just a few easy and inexpensive ways to show love to your significant other, no matter how long you’ve been together. Romance never gets old, and it can be a way to rekindle a spark in a relationship that’s growing dull or repetitive. Find ways to remind the other person why you fell in love with them, and to show how much you care. Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated once in a while, and these are a few ways to express those feelings. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!