Hi there! My name is Lili. I’m a Canadian blogger with a passion for helping people appreciate life and spreading positivity through my writing.

I’ve been writing since I was about three or four years old, and I’ve always loved it. It’s my way of processing my experiences and my feelings. Simple Inspired Life is my way of sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world. My goal for this site is to motivate personal growth and show others their potential to live happily. I draw from my own experiences with love, mental health, travel and much more to inspire others and show them that they’re not alone. My blog covers lots of different facets of life, but it’s all connected under the umbrella of happiness, motivation, and personal growth. I’m not a life coach, and I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I’m just a girl looking to be as happy as I can be, and to inspire others along the way.


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